Our Damon Pizza is the Pizza for February 2018

Our Damon Pizza comes on our great tasting red sauce. We use Stanislaus Tomatoes products, which are from Modesto, California. The tomatoes are harvested once a year and packed in cans for us to use for the whole year.  Our spices we purchase are from Southern Style Spice in Manor, Texas. The majority of spices we do use are grown here in the USA. There are some which come from exotic places but black pepper is black pepper. Our Italian dry Salame ,is a 54% Reduced Sodium  gluten free and zero trans fat, which is made at Columbus Salumaria, in San Francisco, California.  Our New Mexican Green Chilies from Hatch, New Mexico the peppers were nice and spicy last season , which we get roasted , diced and frozen, which keeps them usable for the rest of the year. We also procure Hatch Chilies locally( Tecolote Farm ), 12 weeks a year, which we use when possible. Roasted, Red Bell Peppers which are conventional, but  usually from North America’s Southwest Region. The roasted part we do in our pizza ovens.  We add thinly sliced Bermuda red onions. Our Spicy slaw tops the pie as it comes out of the pizza oven. Spicy slaw is shredded red cabbage, carrots dressed with a red pepper flake vinaigrette which adds a little more heat. The Damon is a solid pie which keeps it up there as one of our favorite pies.

red sauce, salame, green chilies, roasted red bell peppers, red onions, and spicy slaw
The Damon Pizza